1. Onderzoeksvraag2. Zoektermen – 3. Informatiebronnen – 4. Zoeken – 5. Selecteren van informatie – 6. Verwerken van bronnen

Simple and complex questions
Clarify assignment
Narrow down subject
Sub- and search questions


The search process

Sometimes, it’s difficult to know where to start when you are looking for information for an assignment or project. There is so much information available in so many different places that it’s easy to get lost. Therefore, it’s easiest to start working in a structured way according to a fixed step-by-step plan. This saves time and often produces better search results.

The search process is divided into the following steps:

  1. Define research question
  2. Think of search terms
  3. Choose sources of information
  4. Search information
  5. Select information
  6. Process information

Defining the research question: the first step

The first step is perhaps the most important. You determine what you want to know and translate this into a research question. This question is the starting point and foundation of your search. If your research question is complex, you formulate sub questions which deal with aspects of your research question. It is often necessary to break down a sub-question into several search questions. In this section you will learn how to do this and what you should pay attention to when formulating a good research question.