1. Onderzoeksvraag2. Zoektermen – 3. Informatiebronnen – 4. Zoeken – 5. Selecteren van informatie – 6. Verwerken van bronnen



During your search you will find all kinds of information. You want to use only relevant and reliable sources. But how do you determine this? In this step, we give you guidelines on how to assess different sources.

The most important criteria for assessing publications are:

Relevance: The extent to which the information contributes to answering the (research) question.

In the assessment you pay attention to:

  • Content and level
  • Form
  • Topicality

Trustworthiness: The extent to which you can trust that the information is correct.

In the assessment you pay attention to:

  • The source (author/organisation) and creation of the document
  • Content: this is about correctness, objectivity, verifiability, and quality of the source of information.