1. Onderzoeksvraag2. Zoektermen – 3. Informatiebronnen – 4. Zoeken – 5. Selecteren van informatie – 6. Verwerken van bronnen



Look critically and systematically at the information you find. Don’t just evaluate the individual articles, books, and websites you find, but also try to assess whether your search was successful.


Relevance is the extent to which the information is applicable in your report.

  • Does the information answer (part of) your question?
  • Is this the best form of information to answer your question?
  • Does the information connect well with the target group?
  • Is the information still up to date and to what extent does it correspond to the current situation?


The extent to which you can be confident that the information is correct.

If several sources confirm the information, this is a sign that the information is probably correct.

The most important criteria are:

  • Authority of the source: what is the reputation of the author or organisation? Was it peer reviewed?
  • Accuracy: Are the facts correct?
  • Objectivity: What is the purpose of the information?
  • Quality: How accurate and detailed is the data?
  • Verifiability: where does the information come from and are sources acknowledged?