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Simple or advanced searching
Searching techniques
Searching methods
Improve search results
Finding full text

Improve search results? Too few search results?

If the result of your search is too limited, this may be due to several reasons.


Did you choose the right source?

  • Use another database if necessary, Could it be your search question?
  • Check your search question and adjust it if necessary
  • Reconsider your question
  • Check whether all components are necessary
  • It may also be the case that little, or no information exists about your subject and that you have to choose another subject
  • Use other or less specific search terms
  • Check your search terms, e.g., have you translated your terms correctly?
  • In a subject-specific database you have to use more specific search terms than in a general database.
  • Watch out! By using less specific search terms, the number of hits will be higher, but the proportion of relevant hits may be lower
  • Specify fewer limits o Articles from the last two years are perhaps most suitable, but perhaps a lot was published about your topic in the years before that. o Do not limit yourself to publications in one language alone. Many articles are published in English.

Too many search results?

If you find too much non-relevant information, there are several possibilities to adjust your search:

  • Using more precise search terms
  • Choosing a specific search input, for example searching by Author
  • Searching with Exact phrase
  • Restrict your search to certain publication types or by publication date
  • Add a search term

By limiting the number of hits, the proportion of relevant hits is higher.

Example: Searching on keyword instead of all words

  • A search in the NHL Stenden catalogue with the word apple returns 43 hits. The word apple appears:
  • As a title word (“De Appel: performances, installations, video, projects, 1975-1983”)
  • As a name of the author (“Geertje Appel”)
  • Keyword person (“Karel Appel”)

If you limit your search to the keyword person “appel”, you only get 3 hits.