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Searching methods
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In library catalogues and databases, you often come across keywords. Keywords characterise the content of a document and are assigned by professionals. The advantages of searching with keywords are:

  • You find all publications on that subject; you don’t have to search with all word variants or synonyms
  • You know that a publication is really about that subject If you search the NHL Stenden catalogue for problem neighbourhoods, you will find fewer publications than with the keyword disadvantaged neighbourhoods. Publications that do deal with the subject, but in which the term ‘problem neighbourhoods’ is not used literally, are not found.

In the relevant title description below, you will find the keyword deprived neighbourhoods. If you click on it or search by the keyword deprived neighbourhoods, you will find more relevant publications.

Many catalogues have a keyword list or index in which you can find all the used keywords.

Some files have a Thesaurus. In this you can also see the interrelationships between keywords and subjects.