1. Onderzoeksvraag2. Zoektermen – 3. Informatiebronnen – 4. Zoeken – 5. Selecteren van informatie – 6. Verwerken van bronnen

Simple or advanced searching
Searching techniques
Searching methods
Improve search results
Finding full text


In this step, you have learned techniques for searching the chosen information sources efficiently.

You know how to combine keywords with AND, OR and NOT and how to include spelling variants by means of truncation and masking. You have learned how to search with exact expressions and to make clever use of the different search entries in a database.

You have also learned several methods to search for more recent or better literature on the basis of your search result. You can do this by using literature references and cited-by references and by varying the number of search words. All this, of course, depends on the capabilities of the various databases.

Being able to perform an advanced search is not only convenient but the results of your searches will also be much better!