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What are references?

References are references to sources, for example a reference to a book or article on a particular subject. Other words for reference are literature reference and source citation. With the help of a reference you can easily find a publication.

Collecting references

You can collect references in different ways. You can make your own reference to a book or article you have used, you can take ready-made references from the source list of a book or article, or you can make references based on bibliographical data found in catalogues and databases.

Where to find data to use for your references?

  • In the literature lists given to you by your teacher
  • In the source list of books and articles
  • In the NHL Stenden catalogue or other catalogues, e.g. from other institutes or universities
  • In databases

Pay attention and copy the data without errors. If there are mistakes in the reference, the reader will not be able to find the correct source.

Also, make sure your references are uniform. Always use the same order, for example:

Brinkman, J. (2011). Cijfers spreken : overtuigen met onderzoek en statistiek. Groningen: Noordhoff.

There is a handy program with which you can take over references quickly and easily. See RefWorks.